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How To Book

If you are having a problem making your booking online please contact our reservations team on 01273 812510.




Making a reservation


  1. Decide if you would like to dine at one of our three on site restaurants.

  2. Once you’ve selected your preferred restaurant click ‘Make a booking’.

  3. A calendar will open. Select your preferred restaurant, number of diners and desired date. Click ‘Book online’.

  4. Check the details of your selections. If you are happy, click on the pink button showing the time.

  5. Add your contact details and click ‘Continue Booking’.

  6. Check the details are correct and click ‘Book Now’


If you would like to arrange to pay a deposit (£10 per person) and pay the remaining balance at the end of your meal please email with the subject line DEPOSIT REQUEST. We will contact you with instructions on how to make your menu choices and complete your booking.


Making your menu choices and pre-paying


You will receive an email from Easy Pre-Orders. Follow the instructions in the email to:


Make menu choices for each guest

Add drinks (to accompany your meal and pre-performance)

Add pre-performance food options (e.g. Afternoon Tea, bar snacks)

Complete your payment


Once you have completed this process you will receive an email confirming your menu choices and payment.

Afternoon Tea


Afternoon Tea is available pre-performance at our Mildmay restaurant on walk in basis. If you would like to have a Ha Ha Afternoon Tea (£20 per person) this is available in our Middle & Over Wallop restaurant and needs to be pre-booked here, following the same process as restaurant (see above). 



Why is only one time available for my table booking?


The dining period is set to the either pre-performance for an evening performance (7.00pm) or after the performance for a matinee performance (4.00pm). 

If you are booking for Afternoon Tea this will be available at 5.00pm for an evening performance or 2.00pm for a matinee performance.


Can I change my booking to a different restaurant?


You’ll have to cancel your booking and re-book in your preferred restaurant. Alternatively contact our reservations team who can make the change on your behalf.


How do I cancel?


Please email to cancel.


I’ve cancelled my booking but haven't received a refund


We require a minimum of 48 hours notice of cancellation for a full refund - please see our terms and conditions for more details. Refunds are processed daily and can take up to 5 working days to reach your account. You’ll receive email confirmation of a refund in process.


I need to increase or reduce my party size


Changes to your party size must be processed by our reservations team. Please contact the reservations team and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.


I have a group of more than 12 people


Bookings for groups of 12 or more have to be made directly with our team and not online.


Can I get a hard copy of the dining brochure and order forms to post in?


If you haven't received a copy of our dining brochure please let us know and we can arrange for one to be sent to you. Alternatively you can view and download menus, wine lists and booking forms on the individual restaurant web pages or access booking forms here.