Dining at Glyndebourne

Dining at Glyndebourne:  2017 Festival

Welcome to the 2017 Leith’s Dining at Glyndebourne. Putting together 140 dishes comprising both our favourites and exciting new additions to our culinary repertoire is no mean feat for Executive Head Chef Julian Wilson. I hope you will agree with me however that the selection for 2017 has as much to offer seasoned and loyal returning patrons, as it does the many new diners whom we welcome annually. 50,000 opera-goers pass through our dining rooms each summer.

Julian and I look forward to welcoming you all, as well as your helpful feedback and remarks in the post-performance reviews, which we much enjoy reading. We will be in the dining rooms each evening and look forward to talking with as many of you and your guests as we possibly can.

With all best wishes.

Edward Arthur, Director of Hospitality and Julian Wilson, Executive Head Chef
Leith's at Glyndebourne